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RE: Spray Nozzle Tips

The PPRC published a report titled "Transfer Efficiency and VOC Emissions of Spray Gun and Coating Technologies in Wood Finishing."  The objective was to determine which factors most strongly influence net VOC emissions and transfer efficiency of a spray 
coating operation in a "real-life" wood finishing environment.  The factors that were tested included spray equipment types and coating types, as well as painter skill level and target size and shape.  We do have copies available for $13/ea, should you be

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> Subject: 	Spray Nozzle Tips
> Question:  Does anyone have a hard copy reference or knowledge of a report
> itemizing paint VOC and material savings stemming from utilizing proper
> tip > size and maintenance of nozzles for airless and/or air-assisted airless
> spray guns?
> James R. Noonan,  Assistant Director
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