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Crude Oil Barrels

Regarding the question posted on crude oil specifications, I hope the following figures help.   The energy content and specific gravity (SG) of crude oil depend on the grade or cut of crude oil.

Note: Volume and density of crude oil at 15.6 degrees C (60 degrees F)

Extra Heavy Crude Oil -      SG =  1.076, Cal/gram =  9,968
Heavy Crude Oil -               SG =  0.9659, Cal/gram = 10,441
Medium Heavy Crude Oil    SG =  0.8984, Cal/gram = 10,705
Light Crude Oil                    SG =  0.7972, Cal/gram = 11,065

The energy content of crude oil is derived from the equation:
Q = 12,400 - 2100 (d X d),  where Q is energy released (cal/gram), and d is the density (specific gravity).

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I need to find the answer to a trivia question.  The question is, how many gallons are in a barrel of crude oil and, how many BTU's there are per barrel.  If anyone has the answer please let me know.  My e-mail address is tbelnap@deq.id.state.us.  Thanks for your help!!!!!