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food processing disinfectant

can anyone advise me of chemicals that can be used as disinfectants or
cleaners in food processing and slaughterhouse operations, and which will
not kill off the bugs in a traditional bacterial wastewater treatment
system?  I am working with two abattoirs/meat packers which are threatened
with closure because their wastewater discharges are way over the BOD
limits, but they can't seem to get the idea that the reason their treatment
system doesn't work is they keep dumping large amounts of biocides into it.
Someone suggested quaternary ammonia as a disinfectant but I am no chemist.
Info about what US meat packers use to disinfect would be great.  I have
them doing the "routine" (at least for me) P2 stuff of dry cleaning, drip
pans, water conservation and flow metering, high-pressure/low-volume spray
washing, and cost analysis of lost product.


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