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Molybdenum sources to wastewater treatment plants

As an outgrowth to the POTW outreach we are doing here in Minnesota, I am 
running into an issue related to molybdenum sources in both pond systems and 
mechanical treatment plants.  Mo is largely causing a problem due to high 
sources in the sludge from anaerobic digesters or even the pond sludge, 
which limits sludge management though land application or burning.    I have 
heard sources can be from machining operations, antifreeze, cooling towers, 
and closed casing lubricants.  Any there any other sources you are aware of? 
 I would also be looking for P2 opportunities from these sources.  Thanks.

Cindy McComas
1313 5th Street, #207
Mpls, MN  55414
612-627-4769 (fax)