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Cooloing towers

Patty asks:
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	I am dealing with a bottling co. that has a cooling tower.  The 
	cooling tower has problems with scaling.  I was curious to know
	type of descaling chemicals are available.  Currently, the
	uses a bromide chemical to clean any impurities.  

	This company also blow molds their own bottles.  The blow molded

	bottles are made of Polyethylene Terephalate.  There are many 
	defective bottles in this process, how can this be prevented.
	ideas would help.  Please contact me by E-mail at 
	Padma@grove.ufl.edu.  Thank you.

	Patty Muthuswamy
	Team Leader
	Industrial Assessment Center
	University of Florida
	Email: Padma@grove.ufl.edu
	Phone: (352)392-7690
Here are 28 abstracts of articles I can send you. Let me know. If I
recall one or more deal with treating the water with ozone which is very

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