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Encyclopedia of Associations

---------------------- Forwarded by Albert Tieche/CIS/UTK on 03/10/98 08:58
AM ---------------------------

Kathy Ellis
03/10/98 08:27 AM

To:   CRAINS@deq.state.id.us
cc:    (bcc: Albert Tieche/CIS/UTK)


Albert Tieche asked me to respond to your question.

Yes, there is a book titled the "Encyclopedia of Associations." It is a
product of Gale Research, Inc., 835 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, MI
48226-4094, 1-800-347-4253 . Gale also has a website, at
http://www.gale.com/ , that contains descriptions of their products.

We have a copy of this publication.  Do you need information on a specific

Kathy Ellis
Information Specialist, UT CIS