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Reuse of P effluent by means of evaporation system

Dear p2techs,

We are working with an electroplating company that use Aluminium for its

This company discharges an effluent of 5 m3/hour with the following

pH = 1
suspended salts = 13.000 - 15.000 ppm
Phosphorous (P) = 2.000 ppm

At this moment they are treating this effluent with a physico-chemical
treatment plant to eliminate P. The treatment plant reduces in 97% the
efluents values of P but produces 50 Kg/m3 of sludges with 35% of

Does anybody experience about an evaporation system for this kind of
effluents in order to reuse water in the process ? 

We knows that in France several companies have implemented this system
but we would be very grateful if somedy could give us further

Thanks in advance for your help,

Esther Monfa
Centre for Cleaner Production Initiatives
Travessera de Gracia, 56, 1
08006 Barcelona (Spain)

e-mail: prodneta@cipn.es
Fax: +34 3 4144582