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Auto and Fleet P2 experts/materials needed ASAP


The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR), U.S. EPA Region 9 and
the Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair (CCAR) are seeking your
assistance on two related efforts to develop and disseminate expert
pollution prevention materials for auto repair and fleet maintenance

NPPR and CCAR are working to become the best national source of P2
reference materials for auto repair and vehicle fleet maintenance. NPPR and
CCAR want to incorporate wholly or by reference, state-of-the-art pollution
prevention materials onto the NPPR and CCAR websites;

This will involve:
1) Compiling an extensive web site listing of P2 case studies in the
automotive industry;
2) Integrating state and local government regulatory and legislative
information with federal data;
3) Listing state and local government technical assistance providers and
other key contacts for the
automotive industry on the web site and in hard copy format; and
4) Producing and collecting technical fact sheets on P2 processes and
techniques that are
transferable within the automotive service and repair sector.

At the same time, EPA Region 9 is working to identify and develop
state-of-the art P2 materials on the top P2 fixes for both auto repair and
vehicle fleet maintenance. We know you've seen countless P2 guides for auto
repair/fleet, but we want this to be markedly different.  

This will involve:
 1) Identifying and/or developing the top P2 "fixes" which give the
greatest environmental benefit at a reasonable cost to auto shops/fleets;
2) Obtaining detailed environmental, technical and economic evaluations of
those "fixes" (performing our own field evaluations where necessary);
3) Integrating the information into a user-friendly "toolkit" which can be
used directly by shop staff or can be easily incorporated into any
technical assistance delivery system nationwide (currently planned to
include fact sheets and videos, a multi-purpose training manual, and a P2
data collection and analysis tool).


1) Identifying national experts to serve on two, 6-8 member advisory boards
(one for auto, one for fleets). The advisory boards will help us identify
the most promising P2 fixes, and to ensure that our information
will lead to changes on the shop floor; 
2) Identifying existing high quality evaluations/case studies - we want to
incorporate the best of the best, rather than recreating the wheel;
3) Advising your network of P2 contacts that these materials are being
created, and;
4) Identifying potential service providers and other delivery systems for
disseminating the materials to auto/fleet business operators, when they are
completed in December, 1998.

Please contact us ASAP with your response on potential members for each
advisory committee, and existing P2 case studies/evaluations.  

Our goal is to gather the best information on pollution prevention for Auto
Repair and Fleet Maintenance. 
Please help us make both of these projects a success.

Please forward ANY information you have to:

Tyrone Foster
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
2000 P Street NW Suite 708
Washington, DC 20036
202-466-7964 (fax)

TO U.S. EPA Region 9 and CCAR.

There will be a bimonthly update to apprise you of our progress. If you
have questions regarding either of the projects you may contact:

Region 9 Auto/Fleet Project:
     Leif Magnuson, US EPA Region 9 P2 Team, 415-744-2153
     John Katz, US EPA Region 9 P2 Team, 415-744-2150

NPPR/CCAR Partnership:
     Tyrone Foster, National Pollution Prevention Roundtable, 202-466-7272
     Sherman Titens, Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair,