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RE: Corrosion resistance

Try e-coat or UV cured coatings.

E-coat could fill in the pores and give great corrosion resistance and
provide a great surface to polish.

UV cured coatings tend to give a gloss finish anyway.

Both would be clear coat.

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> From: 	Jan Hygnstrom[SMTP:bsen107@unlvm.unl.edu]
> Sent: 	Thursday, March 12, 1998 11:54 PM
> To: 	p2tech@great-lakes.net
> Subject: 	Corrosion resistance
> I was just e-mailed this question about metal polishing and thought
> someone
> might have some answers:
> The base polishing product used by metal polishers (for aluminum mag
> wheels)
> is made up of animal fat and other grease related material. This makes
> for a
> great surface but there is not a corrosion resistant coating that will
> stick
> to the polished surface. (The grease is embedded in pores).
> The polish is necessary (consumer demand) for looks. The corrosion
> resistance is needed because of the new road de-icing materials. Any
> ideas
> or experience with a substitute for grease-based polishes? Does anyone
> have
> experience with soy oil?
> The companies have tried ENVIROCOAT. It will stick to unpolished or
> bare
> metal and make for a great corrosion resistance surface, but will not
> work
> on the polished aluminum.
> Can anyone offer direction? Thanks