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Granulated slag material

I received this request, and would appreciate anyone out there who has
worked with foundries to answer it, if they can.

Please send any information directly to them, as I do not believe they are
on this list.


Ester L. Burke
Information Specialist
Illinois Waste Management and Research Center
One East Hazelwood Drive
Champaign, IL  61820

(217) 244-8989 (v)
(217) 333-8944 (f)

>Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 17:03:44 +0100
>From: International Cooperation and Assistance Division
>Subject: Granulated slag material 

>Dear Sirs,
>An alloy company in Africa has requested us to explain the possible
>application of its waste product -Granulated Slag Material. The request
>was made based on the following analysis results of the material:
> Size (10 mm), Color (grey to white) H2O (+3.0%), CaO (44%), MgO (11%),
>Al2O3 (7%)Cr2O3 (<1%), SiO2 (<0.35%).
>One of the supports given by International Cooperation and Assistance
>Division of the Organization for the Prohibtion of Chemical Weapons
>(OPCW) is to supply chemical information to member developing countries.
I would appreciate your literature reference and suggestion on possible
consulting groups
>Thank you.
>Ghirma Moges, Coordination Officer
>OPCW  (ICA Division)
>Lan van Meerdervoort 51
>2517 AE The Hague
>The Netherlands
>Fax 31-70-360-0944
>email: WEBMASTER@opcw.nl