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RE: Food processing (phosphoric acid used in a preserative)

Bill Quinn (quinn.bill@ev.state.az.us) asks (in part):

	Has anyone come across any reference P2
	materials on the food precessing industry that
	may be helpful for this facility.  Thank you in
	advance for you help.

In response:

I don't know of specific documents dealing with the use reduction of
phosphoric acid in food processing, and given the fact that it's
incorporated as a preservative in the product itself, perhaps that's not too
important (opinions regarding preservatives in food notwithstanding;
personally, I could use a few preservatives in my system to counteract my
own tendencies towards decay).

On the broader topic of P2 in the Food Processing industries, there are some
good starting points for anyone looking at P2 in the Food Industry, and most
of them were written by Roy Carawan while he was working for the state of
North Carolina Ag Extension Office.  A few of special relevance:

The BOD Diet Plan: Waste Management Tips for Breaded-Food Plant Employees

Using Food Processing By-Products for Animal Feed

NC Ag Extension program P2 fact sheets for food processors (includes above)

Also, check out:

Vermont Fact Sheet on P2 for Food Processors

Finally, I did a short lecture for Southern California Edison (along with
Roy, and a few others) on P2 in the Food Processing industry last year.  The
viewgraphs for this lecture are at:


Hope this helps.

Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov)
Senior Research Scientist
Environmental Technologies Division
Pacific Northwest National Lab