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P2 consultants for Nepal needed

The following is a request from Chris Plante of the Asia-Foundation.  They want to
identify 2-3 p2 experts to do 1-2 week training session in Nepal in late 
spring/early summer.  Those interested should contact Chris Plante directly at 

The NGOs in Nepal are eager to have a little perspective on their P2 problems 
from the US.  The projects are listed below.

#1 - Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) and Himal Cement
Company Limited:  The NGO identifies seven objectives of the project: 1] to
identify pollution caused by the cement industry, 2] to recommend
minimization measures, 3] to identify energy losses and minimize them, 4] to
identify materials losses, 5] to identify production cost opportunities, 6]
to disseminate the findings through workshops, and 7] to assist in
formulating industrial policy.  The company employs 750 staff and is a major
producer of cement in Nepal.  ENPHO has U.S. and U.K. trained environmental
engineers on staff.  (Current. 1997-1998) 

ENPHO has  started its research on wastes generated at various
production  processes at HCCL.  Research team identified and
recruited, and  an agreement has been signed with HCCL
management on this  partnership program. 

#2 - Clean Wheels Nepal and Kathmandu Motor Works, Maruti Workshop, and 5
other auto shops:  This project is designed around the use of total quality
and environmental management techniques to reduce and recycle wastes
generated from automotive workshops.  Clean Wheels Nepal will initiate
advocacy of environmental protection measures and safe transportation
schemes to policy and business leaders, using additional resources not
budgeted for the project itself.  (Current. 1997-1998)

CW has visited all seven workshops, held discussion on the program, and
visited four more vehicle 
workshops in three industrial cities of Nepal - Birgunj, Biratnagar, and
Butwal.  CW technical team has completed its environmental audits.

#3 - Institute for Legal Research and Resources and Formation Carpet:  The
project has a strong dual-approach of creating an environmental management
plan for operations and promoting carpet industry policy development.  The
company is already committed to not using child labor and to reducing the
chemical discharge by finding safer substitutes.  ILRR is assisting with a
waste reduction strategy.  (Current. 1997-1998)

ILRR has started its research on wastes generated at various production
of the carpet industry.  Research team identified and recruited, and an
agreement has been signed with Formation Carpet Industry management on this
partnership program. 

All three of these organizations would like someone familiar with their
industry and P2 opportunities to take a closer look at what they are doing
for 1-2 weeks in April -May-early June.  The Asia Foundation will cover
transportation, hotel, and per diem expenses, but there is no provision for
salary or similar compensation.  If you know of anyone, let me know.

Christopher S. Plante
Program Officer
NGO-Business Environmental Partnership
The Asia Foundation
465 California Street, #1400
San Francisco, California 94104

E-mail: tafenv@igc.apc.org
Tel: 415-982-4640
Fax: 415-392-8863