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Granulated Slag

    Two points to consider regarding your request for information.
    1) The analysis provided is not detailed enough for the 
    determination of potential uses for the slag material.  For any 
    potential usage scenario, a detailed analysis (gross and trace 
    analysis) should be obtained and include both total and leachable 
    constituents present in a representative sample.
       "Foundry" is mentioned and "alloy company".  This information 
    gives no insights into specific processes or materials being 
    worked, and resulting constituents which may exist in the slag.  
    There could be a wide variation in the chemical nature of the slag 
    pending the alloy being produced and process used.  Does the 
    company produce different metal products/alloys and as a result 
    different varieties of slag?
    2) In considering potential uses for the material, one may wish to 
    separate uses where the material is placed directly into the 
    environment, from uses which may utilize the slag in a 
    manufacturing process as a raw material or otherwise may 
    incorporate the slag in a manner which may limit exposure to 
    environmental conditions.  In the second scenario, some 
    consideration should be given to potential human exposure even if 
    environmental release is not an issue.