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P2Tech List Server Evaluation Results

Following are the results of the list server evaluation performed in
February.  Approximately 65 people responded, although not all answered the
questions in ways that could be quantified.  We currently have 467
subscribers from around  the world.  We are getting about 2-7 postings per

Respondents seemed generally please with the kind of information they were
getting from the list server and the way the service is being managed.
Several even sited P2Tech as the best source of P2 information and the best
list server to which they were subscribed.  (People who have removed
themselves from P2Tech were not surveyed.)

Infrequently -- 7 people
1-5 times/year -- 19 people
6-11 times/year -- 9 people
1/month -- 7 people
Multiple times / month -- 13 people

Never -- 16
Infrequently -- 2
1-4 times/year --  10
5-10 times/year -- 7
Monthly -- 7

Didn't know about archives -- 3

*Although few people used the archives frequently, most said they liked
knowing they were available.

-- Provide an automated subscriber roster that includes more than just
e-mail addresses
-- Post administrative information more frequently, including comments on
personal messages, list server etiquette, archives addresses and focus of
the list.
-- Pursue a more technical focus.  Encourage the use of other lists for
non-technical information
-- Create real time chat rooms for hot topics
-- Create 2 lists -- 1 for FAQ and on for non-basic information

-- Catalog archives by keyword, industry, pollutant, rather than subject
-- Consolidate archives by thread, rather than free search
-- Allow multiple year searching (This will happen.  We lost archives prior
to July of 1997 in the transition to new systems people)
-- Fix archive problems more quickly.
-- Provide a more user-friendly interface

-- Post administrative messages and reminders at the beginning of each
month, including 
	-- appropriate posts 
	-- other list server etiquette
	-- vacation message information
	-- archive addresses
	-- other timely topics
-- Encourage a more technical focus on the list server and promote other
lists for regulatory or training topics.
-- Make a usable subscriber roster available to anyone interested (through
-- Explore creating indexes or other organization method for archives.
(Note:  WMRC does not currently maintain the P2Tech archives.  We work
within the boundaries of the Great Lakes Information Network, which
graciously provides the service for free.)

Please let me know if you have other contributions or feel I have
unintentionally missed your comments.

Lisa C. Merrifield				217/244-6061 (v)
Technical / Information Specialist			217/333-8944 (f)
IL Waste Management and Research Cnt. 	merrifld@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu
One East Hazelwood Dr.				Champaign, Illinois 61820