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RE: Household hazardous waste & POTWs

Martha: I recently reviewed a 3 year old document that crossed my desk
(someone was cleaning out their office) that includes a P2 project involving
consumer wastes and its effects on POTWs.  The document is called:
"Pollution Prevention Strategies for three Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Facilities" and was published by the Office of Technical Assistance for
Toxics Use Reduction, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs,
Commonwealth of Massachusetts in June 1995. Their address is 100 Cambridge
Street, Room 2109,  Boston, MA 02202 and their phone number is 617-727-3260.
Also, the town of Northbridge, MA was involved in a community pollution
prevention project called "The Toxic Free Diet". Contact  is Alison McDeedy
at 401-762-0250.  Hope this helps.
Dee Lehman
Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance
PO Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA 17105

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	Does anyone have info regarding household hazardous waste
	collections and the benefits of these to a POTW?

	Any leads would be much appreciated!

	Martha Arosemena
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