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P2 at POTWs and the link to biosolids quality

Dear P2 Techers:  I am currently working with staff here at PA DEP on a
Biosolids training program and was wondering if anyone knew of information
that could be obtained (especially handouts, brochures, etc.) that makes the
connection between P2 at the industry or POTW and sludge (biosolids)
quality.  If you can help, feel free to respond to this list server or email
me directly at Lehman.Deirdre@exchange.pader.gov
<mailto:Lehman.Deirdre@exchange.padep.gov> .

Deirdre T. Lehman
PA Dept. of Environmental Protection
Office Of Pollution Prevention And Compliance Assistance
PO Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA  17105-8555