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Re: P2 at POTWs and the link to biosolids quality

     (and anyone else who may not have seen message below regarding P2 
     and POTWs from Liz Nevers).  Hope it is helpful.
     J. Bruce Suits
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At 01:15 PM 3/18/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone have info regarding household 
hazardous waste >collections and the 
benefits of these to a POTW?
>Any leads would be much appreciated! > 
>Martha Arosemena
>Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission >Office of Pollution Prevention 
& Recycling, MC112 >P.O. Box 13087
>Austin, TX  78711-3087
>phone: 512/239-3185
>fax: 512/239-3165
If you are coming to the NPPR Spring Conference you have two opportunities to 
pose this questions and get feedback.  The first is the POTW Training Workshop 
on Tuesday, April 28th.  There will be discussion on outreach and education to 
residential customers.  On Wed, the Household P2 section will focus on Household
Hazardous Waste.
If you can't make either I suggest you contact Elizabeth Brown with IAMS who is 
coordinating the POTW training.  Email is: ebrown@iams.org
or myself (email is below) about asking this question at the Household P2 
In our Home*A*Syst chapter on HHW we alert homeowners/renters to the proper 
disposal methods for their HHW.  We bring this up again in our chapter on 
Household Wastewater Management which focuses on septic tanks.  Septic tanks are
even more vulnerable to HHW than POTWs.
Hope this helps.
Liz Nevers
Nat'l Farm*A*Syst / Home*A*Syst Programs                               
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Subject: P2 at POTWs and the link to biosolids quality
Author:  "Lehman; Deirdre" <Lehman.Deirdre@exchange.pader.gov> at INTERNET 
Date:    3/23/98 11:31 AM
Dear P2 Techers:  I am currently working with staff here at PA DEP on a 
Biosolids training program and was wondering if anyone knew of information 
that could be obtained (especially handouts, brochures, etc.) that makes the 
connection between P2 at the industry or POTW and sludge (biosolids) quality. 
 If you can help, feel free to respond to this list server or email me 
directly at Lehman.Deirdre@exchange.pader.gov 
<mailto:Lehman.Deirdre@exchange.padep.gov> .
Deirdre T. Lehman
PA Dept. of Environmental Protection
Office Of Pollution Prevention And Compliance Assistance 
PO Box 8772
Harrisburg, PA  17105-8555