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Reuse of polystyrene

Cleaner Production at UNEP IE received the following.
If anyone can answer her question, would they please 
send a response to the CARIRI email address and please
copy me.  

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Date:          Thu, 19 Mar 1998 13:45:22 -0400
From:          CARIRI <cariri@trinidad.net>
To:            icpic@unep.fr
Subject:       reuse of polystyrene

Dear sir, We have a local company interested in the use of used
polystyrene in the production of a pelletized product. we have not
been able to locate a waste exchange international that deals with
waste ploystyrene to provide a cost for supplying the polystyrene. Our
company is interested in polystyrene waste either from production
processes or from consumer products waste collection. Can you assist?
Thank you. Sharon Laurent Head Information Service CARIRI Trinidad and

Carol Leimroth
Cleaner Production Programme
Phone: (33 1) 44 37 14 66