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Business Needs

    Cindy, et al,
    Last year we were trying to get a pollution prevention roundtable 
    off the ground for regional industry.  As part of the effort we 
    conducted a poll to find out preferrences...meeting frequency, 
    meeting length, willingness to host a meeting, general interests, 
    I know this is not what you want, but a supprising result from the 
    survey showed a need for regulatory assistance on a wide variety 
    of topics.  Some topics included: residual waste regulations; 
    waste reuse, recycling, and reclamation; air quality Title V and 
    VOC/HAP regulations; hazardous waste regulations/permitting; and 
    other topics.
    As a result, we started Regulatory Compliance Assistance Seminars.  
    Sort of a "meet the regulator & ask questions" type approach.  Our 
    pollution prevention office sets-up the event and mails a notice 
    to industry.  The regulatory program involved supplies a small 
    panel of "experts" to address questions.  The affair is not a 
    lecture-type event.
    Our first session (residual waste) went pretty good.  Our second 
    (Title V) is planned for the end of the month.  I'm not sure yet 
    what we may expect for a turnout.
    PS: Cindy, I'm faxing a short write-up to you on heat revovery.  I 
    hope you find it interesting.  please let me know if it helps.