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Faculty Position at Iowa State

All -

Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa is establishing a senior-level faculty
position in sustainable development and/or global environmental policy.
The appointment will be joint between the Department of Civil and
Construction Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It
will be a tenure track position at the associate or full professor rank.

Given your work in the field, I thought you might know someone who would be
qualified. For the right person, this could be a real opportunity.  There
is a strong core group of people interested in this subject and growing
support for work in this area.

To put the overall institution in perspective, Iowa State is second in R&D
100 awards only to MIT.  The University has 25,000 students, a solid
strategic plan, excellent leadership, substantial research funding, and a
rapidly growing endowment.

A web site has been created to describe the position and explain how to
apply (http://www.cce.iastate.edu/~austin/position/positionhome.html).
Don't let the CCE (Center for Coal and the Environment) frighten anyone.
While this center was set up as a "clean coal " group to research ways to
burn dirty Iowa coal (none of which is even mined anymore), they have moved
on to being ardent biomass and renewable energy advocates.  They are an
important part of our work and one day the Regents will let them change
their name.

If anyone you know is interested and wants to talk about life in Iowa or
working at Iowa State, have them give me a call.