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Used Paint Recycling Programs

OPPTD/DTSC  P.O. Box 806  Sacramento, CA 95812-0806
E-Mail:  HW1.RLudwig@ HW1.CAHWNET.GOV

Does anyone have any information on and/or know of a program similar to
used oil recycling programs where a fee/tax/surcharge is added to every
quart/gallon of motor oil sold in order to fund oil recycling programs but
for recycled latex paints?  Stephen Groner, Los Angeles County Department of
Public Works Dept. and Chair of the CA State Stormwater Quality Taskforce
Public Information/Public Participation Committee, who is not on this list
serve is seeking info on this type of program.  He is interested in
what kind of impact latex paint disposal has in terms of household hazardous
waste disposal (and disposal in general) to determine the feasibility of pro-
gram similar to the funded recycling oil programs.  Please send any
to Steve at SGRONER@CO.LA.CA.US or call at (818) 458-5947.  Thank you very

Best regards,
Robert Ludwig
E-Mail:  HW1.RLudwig@ HW1.CAHWNET.GOV