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RE: cleaning stainless nuts & bolts

Hi Tim.

Our experience is that some acid is required to "brighten" metal.  The
only other way to brighten is through some sort of mechanical abrasion
of the dull top coat.  Ceramic will not abrade effectively, they need to
work with some type of metal shot.  This type of tumbling media is
produced specifically for this purpose.

We have had success in processes like this using a combined
cleaner/brightener.  While there is acid involved, pH ranges can be
adjusted to offer minimum worker hazard.  If a suitable formulation
could be developed, it might be the best alternative as it would clean
and brighten in one step.  We could try to help with that if it appears
to be an avenue that you wish to pursue, (after you receive all of the
other input that I know will be coming your way!)

Bill Green

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> Subject:	cleaning stainless nuts & bolts
> A client cold forms stainless nuts and bolts using National Machinery
> equipment.  The nuts & bolts are made from 3" to 15/8" 304 & 316 SS
> rod. The rod is continously fed first through either an induction or
> resistance heater to roughly 900F and then into the header or nut
> former. 
> Machining oils in the header and nut formers are scalded on the nuts
> and bolts and the company is looking for a means to clean and brighten
> them. From a root cause perspective, the shop manager says that the
> cold forming equipment cannot run on water-based coolants.  The
> company has experimented with various aqueous cleaners and has had no
> luck.  They have tried tumbling with ceramic media but the cleaning is
> poor and the parts are still dull.
> They are trying to stay away from a nitric acid brightening process.
> Does anyone have experience with cleaning cold formed stainless?  Any
> suggestions on other (harder) media to tumble with or other P2
> approaches?
> Tim
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