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Re: P2 videos

Jeff, et al.:

It was not clear to me if your quest is singular or twofold.  Is your search for
"P2 videos" limited to BMPs for solvents handling, etc.?  If so, I'll have to 
check my inventory.  But if the BMP solvents videos are in addition to P2 in 
general, I have a library of "P2 videos" with a list of sources that I'll share.
Let me know.  The information list needs a little work before it can be 
distributed so give me some time.  A number of the videos are very good, and a 
few are quite outstanding.  Intended audiences varies considerably. 
I think there are many other folks out there who also have (video) libraries.  
It's just a matter of having a block of time or some help compiling the 
information to share with others.
If you don't hear from me in a reasonable amount of time, remind me, OK? 
And, what is your time line, other than a.s.a.p.?

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Subject: P2 videos
Author:  Jeff Cantin <jcantin@tiac.net> at INTERNET 
Date:    3/27/98 11:05 AM
I was searching P2TECH archives to see if anyone has tried to compile an 
inventory of P2-related videos available.  Peter Moulton of Maine had a 
list of 32, which is pretty good.  But has anyone come across a more 
comprehensive list?  What about companies that have catalogs of P2-related 
A colleague is looking for a short video covering best management practices 
for solvent handling and disposal.  This would be for general awareness 
training.  If you know of anything available, please email me.
And Peter, if you are out there please send me your list.
Thanks in advance.
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