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Re:Heat exchanger case studies

See Progressive Engineer Jan-Feb 98 article page 7, "Wringing Moisture From
Air" on Des Champs Laboratories (loc in Natural Bridge Station, Virginia)
"Wringer" device for building HVAC systems.  The Wringer--"a series of
dampers, cooling coils, and heat exchangers"--supplements HVAC by removing
moisture for outside ventilation air and heats/cools this air to near-desired
temp using energy transferred from the outgoing airstream.  Article claims to
save about 30% energy over "conventional" (whatever that is nowadays) air

Progressive Eng. mag can be reached at (540) 772 2225, fax 540 776-0871, no
apparent email address.  The mag focuses on regional engineering in VA, NC,
West VA, and DC.  

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Subject:    Heat exchanger case studies 
Author: Cindy McComas <CMCCOMAS@mntap.sph.umn.edu>
Date:       3/25/98 9:47 AM

Dave Benforado (retired from 3M) is looking for case studies on how heat 
exchangers are beneficial to the environment.  He has found a number of 
references, but is looking for more for an article he writing.  If you have 
any, you could send them to me, or if you have ideas for places he could 
search, please reply to this message.  Thanks.

Cindy McComas
1313 5th Street SE #207
Mpls, MN  55414
612-627-4769 (fax)