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RE: Solvent alternatives

"Suitable" is a relative term.... NMP derived paint cleanup solvents are
effective and, due to the low vapor pressure, tend to have long product
lifecycles.  They will not, however function in the dual role of THINNER
and CLEAN-UP solvent.  They will only work in the cleanup role.

A number of water based materials will clean both uncured solvent and
most water-based paint,  but again, they cannot be used as thinner in
product that will be applied.  The reason is that most (all?) paint
manufacturers will de-warranty a paint for adhesion if additional
ingredients are added after manufacture.

The key here seems to be that your client IS currently able to recapture
and distill.  This would indicate to me that the solvent is used as a
cleanup agent rather than as a thinner in process (or maybe both?).
That needs to be clarified before a useful discussion of alternatives
can be held.  You wouldn't want to put them into an NMP or H20 based
alternative and find out that they were thinning paint with it prior to

We have case studies on the cleaning applications, if you need them.
Let me know if you need more of check www.ecolink.com

Bill Green

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> Hi p2techs,
> I am working with an Industry that uses xylene as a paint thinner in
> their process.  Most of the xylene is recycled on site by a
> distillation process and the still bottoms (sludge) generated from the
> waste xylene is disposed of hazardously.  I was curious to know if
> there is a suitable alternative for xylene (any water based solvents)
> available.  My e-mail address is listed below.  Any ideas would be
> helpful.  Thank you.
> Rex.    
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