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Call for NPPC Directory Entries

      Directory of Pollution Prevention in Higher Education: 
                      Faculty and Programs

This directory, published by the National Pollution Prevention Center 
for Higher Ed. (NPPC),  helps connect academics and others who want to
discuss pollution prevention concepts, ideas and success stories.  It
describes activities of faculty who are integrating environmental concepts
into their science, engineering, business, agriculture, and architecture 

NPPC is updating the Directory with hopes of publishing the fourth edition
by Fall 1998.  If you are a college professor who teaches some aspect of
P2/sustainability, or are on the staff of a related organization, please
contact us so we can include you!  We need your address, telephone number,
and a short description of your P2 or sustainability activities (teaching
courses, providing publications, etc.).  If you have a fax number or
e-mail address, include that too.

Please send the information to NPPC Office Manager NANCY MILLER by
e-mail (nppc@umich.edu) or fax (734/647-5841) by APRIL 30, 1998.
For more information about the NPPC, including free online
bibliographies, see www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/              --Thanks!!