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RE: Solvent alternatives

>  [Rudy Moehrbach]  Since you are looking for an alternative solvent I
> would like to direct you to a software called SAGE, which stands for
> Solvents Alternative Guide. This is an interactive program that askes
> you questions and then offers alternatives. You can use the program on
> the Internet or download it and use it from your computer. The site
> where SAGE is available (free of charge) is and EPA site called
> ENVIRO$EN$E. the site URL is http://es.epa.gov/. I might point out
> that since the solvent is used as a paint thinner it have to react
> correctly with the paint. You may need to check with the paint
> manufacturer on that. Probably you may have to look for an alternative
> paint. A good start here is with another interactive software called
> CAGE, which stands for Coatings Alternative Guide. The program is
> available(free of charge) from the same place as SAGE. Good luck.
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> Hi p2techs,
> I am working with an Industry that uses xylene as a paint thinner in
> their
> process.  Most of the xylene is recycled on site by a distillation
> process
> and the still bottoms (sludge) generated from the waste xylene is
> disposed
> of hazardously.  I was curious to know if there is a suitable
> alternative
> for xylene (any water based solvents) available.  My e-mail address is
> listed below.  Any ideas would be helpful.  Thank you.
> Rex.    
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