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Cathode Ray Tube Recycling

P2 Techs:

An associate is in need of information related to the recycling of cathode ray
tubes.   He is not on the listserve.  Please forward any information to me and
I will pass it on to him.  Thank you!

His questions are:

1.  How does one  remove the phosphor and other coatings applied to the
surface of  a cathode ray tube (CRT) during  a CRT recycling operation?
Should the operator wear any personal protection equipment? Is special
ventilation required in the work area?  How much  coatings (by weight)
will be generated per tube?

2.  If these coatings are not completely removed, will they affect the
quality of the recycled glass or cause other problems (including ES&H
concerns during glass handling and disposal--if glass is not recycled)?

3.  Are the removed coating materials recoverable/recyclable?  If not, how
to dispose of them?  Are they hazardous wastes?  What are the hazardous