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Discarded Computer Equipment=hazardous waste?

Please provide your expertise/input to the following questions in the context of pollution prevention and related environmental stewardship:
1) How are state and regional environmental management programs monitoring and handling discarded computer hardware?
2) What are the accepted and proven recycling/reuse options for used and worn out computer equipment?
3) If it is being disposed, (landfilled), is it defined as "hazardous waste and if so, how is the toxic content being determined?  
4) Does anyone have documented TCLP data for computer equipment eg. for lead content?
5) How do you segregate computer waste from other electrical components, ie. circuit boards and screens from televisions or related communications equipment?
6) Does anyone have specific rules or guidance on this issue?
Any, and all of your suggestions and information will be greatly appreciated, respond via the P2 Tech Net, or if you desire to:
Charlie Sullivan, IDEM/OPPTA, PO Box 6015, ISTA Suite 703, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6015.  telephone 317-232-8174, or direct e-mail to: csulliva@dem.state.in.us.  Thank You