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Vapor Degreasor- TCE/n-propyl bromide comparison

Is anyone aware of a full cost comparison of the use of Trichloroethylene
(TCE) versus n-proply bromide in vapor degreasors?  Based on vendor
quotes, n-propyl bromide is roughly 4X the cost of TCE or methylene chloride;
but I'm interested in doing a full cost on this.  Waste disposal is pretty
straightforward as the TCE will go out as hazardous, but prices of disposal
may vary depending on how contaminated and whether it's recycled.  The
n-propyl price I gave includes disposal.

I'm interested in how air requirements, safety requirements, and other hidden
costs might affect the cost comparison.  Any case studies on use of the
n-propyl bromide would also be good.

Ideas and leads are appreciated.

Susan Roothaan, Engineer
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, MC-112
Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling
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