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Re: in-situ asbestos treatment

This information may have already been listed as it has been about a week since the question was posted.  None-the-less, on 3/26 Mark's following question was posted:

Hi, all:
Within the last few months I saw some information on a new n-place treatment method for asbestos. I had no need for that information when I saw it but now I do. Did I see that on P2 Tech? Can anyone send me a copy of the info, or refer me to a source for more info?
Mark Boylan
wastemin@aol.com <mailto:wastemin@aol.com> 

Mark, there is an article titled "Revolutionary Foam Neutralizes Asbestos In Situ, Retains Fire Resistance" in the March/April 1998 issue of Industrial Wastwater p. 20.  The article describes a chemically reactive foam that can be used in-situ which reacts with the asbestos giving a "non-regulated" material, thus providing significant savings from traditional asbestos removal techniques.  Hope this helps,

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