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Item of interest

This was to interesting not to pass it to our P2Tech friends.

>-- A project of the National Waste Prevention Coalition 
Excerpted from a press release from Jacquelyn Ottman, J. Ottman
Consulting, New York, NY, forwarded by Kathy Frevert, California
Integrated Waste Management Board, Sacramento, CA:

On March 19, 1998, the American Marketing Association presented its
special Edison Awards for Environmental Achievement during 1997.  The
winners include:

--  Prang Fun Pro Crayons (Dixon Ticonderoga, Orlando, FL), a line of
crayons made from soybeans, a renewable alternative to paraffin wax, a
byproduct of petroleum distilling.  Representing the first innovation in
crayons in 100 years, the soybean base yields colors that are brighter
and richer than petroleum-based crayons.  

--  IBM AS/400e Series, (IBM, Somers, NY).  Representing the first
eco-innovation to come from IBM's Engineering Center for Environmentally
Conscious Products (Research Triangle Park, NC), this line of mid-range
computers delivers ease of use, reliability and a limited need for
technical support while being energy-efficient, quiet, made from
recycled content, and designed to be recyclable.  IBM takes the
computers back for recycling in twelve countries.
--  GreenDisk (Redmond, WA) makers of refurbished diskettes captured
from unsold boxes of software.  Finding a market among environmentally
conscious businesses and government agencies, the diskettes are
whimsically touted as "the best diskettes everyone else ever made."  The
company estimates that in 1997 alone, the company's innovative
manufacturing process directly spared from landfills 60,000,000
In addition, Real Goods Trading Company (Ukiah, CA), was given a special
award for Corporate Environmental Achievement. Through education and an
extensive catalog of renewable technology products including
refrigerators, heaters and compact lightbulbs, Real Goods empowers
consumers to lead more sustainable lifestyles. The company is now 94%
shy of reaching its goal of saving 1 billion pounds of CO2, the
greenhouse gas, from entering the atmosphere by the year 2000. 
Judges of these special Edisons for Environmental Achievement include:
Wendy Brawer, Modern World Design;  Asher Derman, Green October
Foundation;  Thomas Vierhile, Marketing Intelligence Service;  Jacquelyn
Ottman, J. Ottman Consulting, Inc.;  John Wasik, New Consumer Institute;
 and Martin Wolf, Giessen-Wolf.

For additional information, e-mail Jacquelyn Ottman at:

>From a feature article about the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in the
business section of the 3/28/98 New York Times, written by Claudia
Samir G. Gibara, chief executive of Goodyear, has led the company more
heavily into the lucrative side business of retreading truck tires.  "We
want to manage tires cradle to grave," said Marco Molinari, Goodyear
vice president of sales for North America.

Internet site forwarded by Gina Anstey, King County Solid Waste
Division, Seattle, WA:

(Note from Tom:  This is an article from the Christian Science Monitor,
on the MSNBC Internet site, which describes Maytag's new front-loading
washing machine that conserves substantial amounts of water and energy.
An error message and another message came up when I got into this site,
but I was able to just close the message boxes so I could read the

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