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Use of Ferric Chloride

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    City of Lebanon (PA) POTW uses such a system and may be able to 
    provide some info on this topic.  The contact name I have (it may 
    be old) is Ron Luciotti, 717-865-2191.  Ron may be more involved 
    with the water supply plant but should be able to direct you to 
    the appropriate individual.
    Along these lines, you may wish to investigate their use of waste 
    sulfuric acid from (steel) wire cleaning operations as a 
    replacement for ferric chloride.  (Pickle liquors using HCl may 
    also be appropriate.)  Although I'm told the POTW initially bought 
    the waste material, they reportedly now only pay the 
    transportation costs.
    We have a wire rope facility which determined their waste H2SO4 to 
    be a co-product when used for this purpose.  There may be a large 
    treatment plant in the D.C. area which conducts the same activity.
    Would you please report back to the list about the dioxin issue 

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