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RE: Oil Free Vacuum Pumps

There are all types of oil free vacuum pumps. Those that do no rubbing,
such as oil free screw or centrifical, would be at the top end of
reliability and price. Others such as rotary vane with some type of
carbon or similar blade can do the job also. Since rubbing is going on
there can be some type of contamination. The less vacuum you need the
lower the price and higher the performance and reliability. Identify
exactly what is needed and make a list of Want and Don't Want. Then call
in a bunch a sales people.  Don't believe everything the say. A lot of
applications omit an air filter to protect the pump. I would question
this in detail. You can call Gast in Ann Arbor Michigan and get some of
their catalogs. 
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> Subject:	Oil Free Vacuum Pumps
> Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is considering switching to
> oil-free
> vacuum pumps, especially in radiological controlled areas. We are
> interested in any experience that you may have concerning the use of
> these
> pumps. Also, we are interested in any experience with substituting
> alternative oils in vacuum pumps.  Thanks in advance for your help!
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