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Green Business Programs

We are piloting a green business program in New Mexico called the "Green 
Zia Environmental Excellence Program".  We are using total quality 
management tools (Pojasek's "Systems Approach" and the simplified 
version, "Nothing to Waste" for small businesses) as the basic tools of 
the program.  Businesses work through the tols to an Action Plan which 
brings them into the program at the "Participation" level.  Businesses 
that implement P2 opportunities identified in their action plan gain 
additional recognition and are placed in the "Achievement" level.  
Companies that institutionalize the program receive a "Green Zia" 
Governor's Award, which we hope will be highly coveted.  We will use 
a pool of volunteers from other state agencies, the national labs, 
the university system and industry to review the plans and place the 
businesses in the different categories.  A panel of judges will make the 
final awards decisions.  This program is modeled almost exactly after 
the VERY successful Quality New Mexico program which administers 
statewide quality awards based on Malcolm Baldrige criteria. Quality New 
Mexico attracted 3,000 businesses to its 1996 conference and had Colin 
Powell as their keynote.  We are working with them on this program with 
the expectation that many of the businesses already receiving Quality 
awards will be interested in our program.  The tools can help them in 
several BAldrige categories: Leadership, Employee Satisfaction, Process 
Management and Results.

We gave out special Green Zias (Zia is the NM state symbol that you 
see on our state flag...it is a Native American sun symbol...lots of 
great symbolism and the Zia Pueblo granted us permission to use it) to 
service station owners who upgraded their petroleum storage tanks early, 
just to test the waters to see how such a program would be received 
publically and the response was really positive.  The Governor's and Lt. 
Governor's offices are quite interested in this program.

For more information, please call me at 505-827-0677.

Pat Gallagher
NM Environment Department
505-827-2836 (fax)