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GIS P2 Case Studies

For those of you who responded to our previous e-mail regarding GIS, 
thank you!  Your input is appreciated.

For those of you who have successfully used GIS for your P2 efforts, we 
would like to recognize you.  We are developing a book of case-studies, 
in cooperation with ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute), on 
how communities are using a GIS as part of their pollution prevention 
efforts.  We are looking  for P2 applications, done at either a city-wide 
or county-wide level, from which others can learn.

If you have successfully used GIS and would like to share your 
experience, or would like more information, please let us know.  

Tony Leonard
Local Government Commission 
e-mail:  lgc.account@bbs.macnexus.org
phone:   916-448-1198 x 322.  

If you are interested, read on....

Here is a list of what would be helpful in writing about your project:

Statement of Purpose:
What was the goal(s) of your GIS Project?  Who set the goal(s)?

State the Problem:
What was the specific problem, or problems, that the GIS was being called 
on to help solve?

Who were the people involved and what roles did they play?

What data was needed for the project?  Where did you get it?  What data 
did you already have that was used in the analysis?

What software programs, GIS and others, were used in the project?

What hardware was used?  Was the system part of a larger network of 
computers, or a standalone system?

What methods were used to conduct the analysis? What GIS software 
functions were employed?  What specific rules related to the analysis 
impacted the methods used?

How were the results of the GIS analysis communicated to the decision 
makers?  Maps, reports, tables?  Was the information understood and 
incorporated effectively into the decision-making process?

Did it work?  Did the investment in resources pay off?  Did the GIS 
analysis make an important difference?

Thank you for your cooperation.


Anthony Leonard
Computer Systems Administrator/GIS Project Coordinator
Local Government Commission
1414  K Street, Ste. 250
Sacramento, CA  95814

Phone: (916) 448-1198 ext.322
FAX: (916) 448-8246

e-mail: lgc.account@bbs.macnexus.org        web page: www.lgc.org