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Re: P2 synonyms-Reply


Hope this isn't too late. I just returned from the NIST MEP Environmental
Workgroup meeting in Utah. We (MEP environmental extension agents)
discussed the need for coming at P2 from a manufacturing perspective as P2
doesn't sell well to manufacturers. Many of us take a "Trojan Horse" or
"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" approach. We had previously started using the
term "Materials Productivity" and rather successfully. Now we are talking
about using "Lean Manufacturing" as a means of discussing the benefits of
maximizing raw material utilization and minimizing waste. Here are some
other terms you might consider defining:

material conservation, energy conservation, energy efficiency, hazard
reduction, manufacturing efficiency, scrap reduction, inventory reduction,
formulation efficiency, loss reduction, inventory waste reduction, shelf
life, batch maximization (or optimization), quality improvement, quality
optimization, inspection, expectations, "zero inventory", "zero defects",
"zero emissions", world class manufacturing, competitive pressures,
globally competitive, continuous improvement, waste reduction, waste
minimization and probably dozens more.

Manufacturers need to understand the environmental benefits of making
manufacturing changes and to utilize total cost accounting or activity
based costing to justify capital appropriations to address manufacturing
issues that have implications in lead time reductions, quality
improvements, inventory reductions, cost savings and environmental aspects
and impacts (and therefore costs and liabilities).

Another issue for manufactures is proper metrics. Often times they are
measuring the wrong things or have "fudge factors" built into formulations
or scrap rates rather than actually measuring the amount of waste generated
and relating it back to raw materials consumed or product manufactured.

I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with, Wendy. Hope this is helpful.


>Hi, As part of Michigan's Technical Assistance Provider's Network (TAPN)
>we are trying to put together a list of P2 synonyms or "key words" that
>would attract different or a variety of customers to  P2 services offered
>throughout Michigan.  In general, we are looking for those seeking
>information or assistance on reducing waste/pollution generation.
>However, In order to get the attention of business personnel, other than
>their environmental staff, we thought it would be helpful to come up with
>a list of words or services that those people may think of first as far as
>meeting their needs ("rather than pollution prevention").  We hope this
>may be useful, eventually in a website we may create, or in defining our
>customer needs.
>Please send your synonyms to me through the list serve and I will be
>happy to share the list with you once compiled.  Thanks!
>Wendy Fitzner
>Pollution Prevention
>Environmental Assistance
>Department of Environmental Quality
>333 S. Capitol
>P.O. Box 30457
>Lansing, MI  48909-7957
>phone:  517/373-8798
>fax:       517-335-4729
>website:  www.deq.state.mi.us/ead/p2sect/


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