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Re: Cleaner production case studies

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, joe pringle wrote:

> [....] Mr. Young-Woo Park at the HYUNDAI Institute of Eco-Management
> in Seoul, Korea, who is advancing cleaner production efforts in Korea,
> is [....] "looking for information on successful P2/cleaner production
> efforts in the automobile, ship-building, steel, refinary,
> Petro-chemical, electronics, construction, and financing industries." 

Mr. Park, you may be especially interested in these publications:

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING.  "Open-Ended Problem:  Determining Mass
Balances in Ford-Wixom's Phosphate Coating System" (includes CD-ROM) and
"Video: Second Victory at Yorktown" (about P2 at a petroleum refinery).

ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING.  "Case Study:  Degreaser Replacement at Ford
Motor Company's Climate Control Division."

the Environmental Decision Analysis" (about the Yorktown refinery).

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT.  "Case Study:  Chrysler Corporation's Jefferson
North Assembly Plant" (about solving environmental problems associated
with chemical etching process).

To order any of these (prices range from US$1.50 to US$22.00; right now
we only accept cash or checks), please contact the National Pollution
Prevention Center by phone (734/764-1412) or e-mail (namiller@umich.edu). 
I invite you and others to see descriptions of all NPPC publications by
viewing the Web site at  www.umich.edu/~nppcpub/