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Successes in Pollution Prevention

   Dear Mr. Park,
   This message is in response to your questions about pollution 
   prevention successes within several industry sectors.  I am a 
   specialist in the Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance 
   Assistance in Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 
   You should find a number of useful success stories relating to your 
   questions posted on the list server P2Tech.  Please visit the 
   Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's web site.  The 
   internet address is:
   CHOOSE  Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance/Information/
   	   Success Stories and Fact Sheets.  
   Another web site which I have found to be helpful is the United States 
   EPA's Enviro$sen$e. The Enviro$sen$e Homepage is at the URL:
   	   	   http://es.epa.gov/index.html  .
   One helpful link from Enviro$en$e to Industry Sector Notebooks is:
                      http://es.epa.gov/oeca/sector/index.html  .
   Another helpful link from Environ$en$e to Industry Content Guides is:
   I  hope this information is helpful.  
   If you would like to contact me, my email address is: 
   	   	   hollash.joanne@a1.dep.state.pa.us  .  
   My telephone number is : 717-657-6322.  Our office hours are 8:15 AM 
   until 4:15 PM Eastern Time.
   Jo Anne Hollash