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Re: Environmental Cost Accounting Data

Bob, I've been very busy but want you to know that the EPA Region IX P2
program has been collecting just the kind of information you're looking for
on cost accounting at metal finishers. We will be presenting our approach
and software tool at the NPPR on Wednesday, April 21 from 10:15 to 11:45am
in a session entitled "How Efficient is your P2 Assessment Process?:
Getting More Out of the Technical Assistance Dollar." I'd send you stuff
now, but we'll have it in a much more user-friendly format then. Please see
me there or at our booth for more details, or contact me after the
conference if you don't attend. For platers, we've got lots of data for you
in various formats. In six months we'll have much of the same stuff for
auto repair and vehicle fleet maintenance. For cost accounting data on wet
cleaning versus dry cleaning call the UCLA P2 Education and Research Center
at (310) 206-4450 and ask for the "UCLA Wet Cleaning Demonstration Project"
Final Report. Ask for Peter Stinsheimer or Jessica Goodheart. The last
email I have is goodhear@ucla.edu.

Leif Magnuson
EPA Region IX (WST-1-1)
75 Hawthorne St.
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 744-2153
FAX (415) 744-1680

rpojasek@sprynet.com on 03/29/98 06:38:13 AM

Please respond to rpojasek@sprynet.com

To:   p2tech@great-lakes.net
cc:    (bcc: Leif Magnuson/R9/USEPA/US)
Subject:  Environmental Cost Accounting Data

I have been asked to search for written, actual cases that provide details
pollution prevention costing.  I am looking specifically for cases
SMALL companies (i.e., dry cleaners, printers, auto repair, metal
retail, restaurants, motels, car washes, etc.).  These cases should include
most of the following:  process maps/flow diagrams, resource (i.e.,
labor, energy, water, etc.) use and loss, regulatory activities and costs,
pollution prevention options/alternatives.  These cases are being
for use in a course that will be presented to accountants that are
in providing resource costing and investment analysis to small businesses.
leads would be appreciated.
Robert B. Pojasek, Ph.D.
Pojasek & Associates
P.O. Box 1333
E. Arlington, MA 02174-0021
(781) 641-2422  TElephone/Fax