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Re: FWD: Cleaner production case studies

The Florida DEP P2 Program has some of its old success stories that
may be of interest at :

John Scarboro             scarboro_j@dep.state.fl.us
Pollution Prevention Program          (850) 488 0300
FL- Dept. of Environmental Protection  fax  921 8061

}Dear list-serve subscribers:
} Mr. Young-Woo Park at the HYUNDAI Institute of Eco-Management in
Seoul, Korea, who is advancing cleaner production efforts in Korea,
submitted the following request for information:
} I have been faced with difficulties getting detailed information of
the companies successful in pollution prevention and other
environmentally benign activities. For this reason, I am asking you a
favor providing the following information.
}We are looking for information on successful pollution
prevention/cleaner production efforts in the automobile,
ship-building, steel, refinary, Petro-chemical, electronics,
construction, and financing industries. These are the industries
operated under HYUNDAI. 
}Informations I would like to have are as follows:
} 1. the name of the companies that have  adopted PP or other
environmentally friendly action; 2. structural, organizational, and
production process changes  to implement environmental concept in
management strategies; 3. what they have achieved since they adopted
such concept compared to the previous practices in terms of cost and
resource savings, and reductions on pollutants, as well as
}Thank you very much for your sincere attention and help.
}Please cc Mr. Park ( youngpk@shinbiro.com) on any responses to the
list-serve, who can be reached directly at the following address and
phone number.
}Dr. Young-Woo Park The HYUNDAI Institute of Eco-Management 178
Sechong-Ro Chongro-Ku Seoul, Korea 110-050 tel) 82-2-730-2832 fax)
82-2-722-9693 youngpk@shinbiro.com