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Polypropylene Drums

We're working with a semi-conductor company who uses "2-trip polypropylene 55-
gal drums" or what they term "dispoable" drums for their process chemicals.  
They don't use steel drums because of the strict purity levels required for 
the industry.  They maintain an inventory of returnable drums for high-use 
chemicals, but it is not cost-effective to maintain an inventory for all 
chemcial streams.  The disposable drums are emptied, cleaned, and stage on-
site.  Company is considering reuse by refilling with a lower grade chemical 
or recycling (shredding, flakin, and reuse).          

What better and other ideas are out there for managing these drums?  

Thanks in advance,

Tom Griffin
VA DEQ Office of Pollution Prevention
629 East Main Street, 5th Floor
Richmond, VA  23219
804-698-4545; FAX x4277