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auto body training videos and IWRC's new address and phone number


We have designed a Spray Technique Analysis and Research (STAR) training
program at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center that strives to improve spray
technicians' transfer efficiency.  The program has been developed over
the last three years, and focuses on delivering a thorough understanding
of paint delivery and application to the trainee.  The trainee is then
shown new techniques to maximize paint application, and before and after
tests document his or her improvements.  The program has been proven
with more than forty trainees, and substantial improvements in paint
application and reduction of wastes and costs have been achieved.  

We are currently in the stage of having both a promotional and a
training video produced.  They should be completed by the end of June. 
The focus of the STAR training videos is threefold:  an introduction to
the training program, depiction of the benefits of the STAR training
program, and instruction in improved spray techniques. Target audience
includes small business owners, spray technicians, community college
instructors, and technical assistance providers.  

Please let me know if either of these videos are something you would be
interested in, or if I can provide you further information about our
STAR training program.  We are currently in the process of "Training the
Trainer" to disseminate the program to community colleges nationwide.  

For those P2Techies who are reading this message, please note the Iowa
Waste Reduction Center's new address and phone number as listed below.

Christine Twait
Program Manager
Iowa Waste Reduction Center
1005 Technology Parkway
Cedar Falls, IA 50613-6951
319/268-3733 (fax)