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Re: Septic Haulers


If you haven't already, consider checking the Water Environment Federation Website
at http://www.wef.org.

They have several technical discussion groups where you can search for past postings
(I seem to recall past discussion on POTW acceptance of septage) or you can consider
posting a new inquiry.

They also have the following publication - 
Septage Handling (Manual of Practice Report 24) was produced by the WEF Septage Handling Task Force. The book describes the quantity of septage generated by residences, businesses and industries. Many characteristics of septage are described, including suspended solids, biochemical oxygen demands, nitrogen, phosphorus, alkalinity, oil and grease, metals, and toxic organic compounds. The book covers many administrative and management issues including regulatory requirements and the permitting of septic haulers. Other sections of the book provide an overview of septic management alternatives, co-treatment of septage and municipal wastewater, methods to discharge septage, independent septage treatment processes, and odor control. Many case studies are presented.

Hope this helps!

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