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[Fwd: PCB/Mercury Minimization Program]

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The NPDES Permit for Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant requires us to set
up and update annualy a PCB/Mercury Minimization Program. While we have
already done some work on this, we are looking for ideas on how we can
further minimize PCB and mercury discharges into our sewer system.
We are particularly interested in a list of potential sources of PCBs and
mercury that may find their way into the sewer system through domestic
sewage, industrial discharges, sediment and air releases. We are also
interested in hearing from POTWs who have handled PCB/Mercury Minimization
projects in the past so as to learn from their experiences.
We would acknowledge in our final report organizations who would assist us
in this project.

Pradeep Srivastava
Process Engineer
Detroit Water & Sewerage Department
303 South Livernois
Detroit, MI 48209


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