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Re: Cleaner production case studies

Dear Mr Park and listserver members,

> We are looking for information on successful pollution
> prevention/cleaner production efforts in the automobile,
> ship-building, steel, refinary, Petro-chemical, electronics,
> construction, and financing industries. These are the industries
> operated under HYUNDAI. 
> Informations I would like to have are as follows:
> 1. the name of the companies that have  adopted PP or other
> environmentally friendly action; 2. structural, organizational, and
> production process changes  to implement environmental concept in
> management strategies; 3. what they have achieved since they adopted
> such concept compared to the previous practices in terms of cost and
> resource savings, and reductions on pollutants, as well as
> productivity.

You may find some really useful and interesting information relating 
to your question by visiting : 
The UNEP IE website
The UNIDO web site

UNEP IE web page from which you can download the diskette version of 
the International Cleaner Production Clearinghouse, the ICPIC-DV 
version 3, 1998, which is a collection of cleaner production database 
providing you with more then 6OO case-studies from different sectors 
with contact details of companies. This web page can be accessed from 
the 'Cleaner Production Programme' : 
warning : it may take time to download the diskette.

UNIDO web page on industries can be accessed from the 'Information 
Sources on Cleaner Production (CP Topics)' : 
(Be careful, it is html at the end of this adress)
Just select 'CP by industry' from the index in the left frame & 
browse from there. And further down on the list you can choose 'case 
studies compilation' which link you to a lot of case studies

Hoping it will be helpful for you. Don't hesistate to contact me, if 

Myriam Lucas

Myriam LUCAS
Cleaner Production Programme
UNEP Industy and Environment
39-43, Quai Andre Citroen
75739 PARIS Cedex 15, FRANCE

Email : myriam.lucas@unep.fr
Tel : +33 1 44 37 14 20
Fax : +33 1 44 37 14 74

CP Home page : http://www.unepie.org/cp/