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septage haulers

For Greg Newman in NC.  This is from a colleague; hope it is helpful:

"One source of some information is EPA's Handbook, Septage Treatment and
Disposal (EPA-625/6-84-009).  It's the only source I know of with some
characterization data.  Generally I don't think septage and "porta-potty"
wastes have a great deal of metals on a dry-weight basis (I think the
general thinking is no more than any domestic waste), but the major problem
is the concentration of the waste.  First, the concentrations of BOD is
very high, so in a small wastewater treatment facility septage could
produce an upset.  Also, depending on the proportion of septage to domestic
wastewater flow, concentration of metals could be a short-term problem
because of the highly concentrated nature of the waste vs. the more dilute
nature of wastewater collected from sewers.  My guess is that POTWs handle
septage by making sure that deliveries are well spread out (not too many
deliveries on any one day) and also controlling the speed at which the
septage is added to the POTW's system, to reduce the chances of
overwhelming the system and to allow additional dilution of any metals to
avoid any possible short-term exceedence of permit conditions."

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