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Partnership opportunities between State Development Agencies and P2 community

Hi everybody:

I wanted to let you know one last time about a workshop that the National
Association of State Development Agencies (NASDA)  and NPPR are sponsoring
at NPPR's spring 1998 conference in Cincinnati.  In an effort to strengthen
ties between State Development Agencies (trade promotion, business
development centers, etc..) and the pollution prevention community, NASDA
and NPPR are sponsoring a one day workshop to bring members of these groups

The idea is to give SDA folks, many of whom assist those in the
environmental industry, a chance to learn about P2.  Also, members of the
P2 community  from both the public and private sector can learn about
assitance programs offered by SDA's. 

This will be followed by a facilitated group discussion on how SDA's and
members of the P2 community can work together to promote P2 in the U.S. and

The workshop will also have a session to educate participants about the
Environmental Technology Fund, NASDA's export promotion intitiative that
gives small grants (up to $20,000)  to U.S.-based vendors of environmental
technologies enter the Asian market-place.  

The workshop is scheduled for 9-4pm on Tuesday April 28th
Location: Hyatt Regency
Fee: $50 (lunch included)

The workshop is open invitation to our members but space is limited.  
Please contact the roundtable office if you are interested in participating
in this event. 

Hope to see you there!


Joe Pringle
International Affairs Specialist
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Tel:    202-466-7272
Fax:    202-466-7964
e-mail: joepringle@compuserve.com