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US effluent guidelines for the pulp and paper industry

The following request for information was received by NPPR, please cc
Ms. Marina Yong (contact info below) on any responses.  Thanks.

We were wondering if you could help us out.  We are urgently trying to
obtain US effluent guidelines for the pulp and paper industry.  Would
appreciate it if you could advise as to how we may obtain these discharge
guidelines/limits or e-mail them to us if possible.

What kinds of discharge limits apply?  Are there limits specific to the
states of Washington and Oregon, or any other state for that matter that
you can provide?  We have been searching the net, including the USEPA
homepage and ENVIROSENSE, but have so far been unsuccessful.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Ms. Marina Yong
Environmental Consultant
Perunding Good Earth Sdn Bhd
22-B Persiaran Zaaba
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone 603-718-3136
Fax 719-5487