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And the Address Is ...

Sorry, I forgot to mention the URL for the PNEAC Web site in my 
earlier mesage.  The address is: www.pneac.org
If you provide regulatory or technical assistance to printers, be 
sure to take a few minutes to check out the latest improvements to 
the PNEAC WWW site that make it easier to find the information that 
you and your printing clients need.  We are trying to make the PNEAC 
site a valuable reource for you in your work with printers, and would 
value any feedback on how we are doing or additional 
featurtes/information you would like.  Recently added features 

*  Site search engine to easily locate the info you need
*  Easy to use archives for Printech and Printreg listservs
*  Expanded coverage of breaking regulatory and technical 
developments with environmental implications for printers
*  A growing state-by-state list of contacts in each state for 
printers to get compliance and/or P2 assistance.

If you have comments or suggestions on how to further improve this
resource, please use the feedback form on the web site.

Wayne Pferdehirt
Printers' National Environmental Asistance Center (PNEAC) 

Wayne P. Pferdehirt, P.E., AICP
U. of Wis., Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center
610 Langdon Street, Room 532, Madison, WI  53703-1195
Phone:  608/265-2361     Fax:  608/262-6250